On A Chat With Ted Leo About "The Weird Small Business" Of Indie Music

Ted should have a MacArthur Genius Grant. The man is a national treasure.

Posted on October 25, 2012 at 2:20 pm 3

On Sleeping Around Extremely Dangerous

This sounded really familiar and then I realized it's because it's almost two years old. What the hell, Daily Mail?

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On Cheese Grilled In Van, Exchanged For Money

For a hot second I transposed the words as I read and thought the sentence said "turned a NYPD van into a used grilled cheese business."

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On Pulp, "Common People"

People are dumping tickets to both shows on Craigslist like crazy now. I'd give you one myself. Unless it's agoraphobia and misanthropy keeping you away, which I understand.

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On Rick Perry Almost Killed Me This Weekend

I heard the most disturbing story from a male friend in Austin about his weird chat with the Rick at a social event. He said Perry reached out and fondled his earring, and continued doing so for the entirety of their short conversation. he just . . . kept fondling it. My friend said he was helpless to stop him.

I so look forward to Perry's inevitable public psychotic break.

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On Luther Campbell Is In Fact Running For Mayor Of Miami

If you want to tax sectors of your Miami economy where people are making a lot of cash and not paying taxes, going after strippers seems like aiming low.

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On Do You Remember Your Local Music Scene In The Early '90s?

Oh my god, Sprawl. The 90s funk-punk favorites of all the burnout skateboarders and teenage weed dealers in Central Texas.

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On Sheila McClear, 'New York Post' Features Writer

I like you lots, Sheila.

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On Southern-Style Cornbread Dressing

Wow, I had no idea the recipe was so universal (Texan here). Verbatim from my grandma's index card: "Bake a pan of cornbread. Sautée onions, green pepper, and celery in a lot of butter. Add poultry seasoning and sage, a couple of eggs, and chicken stock to moisten. Give it 30-40 minutes in the oven with the turkey."
And, yeah, anything involving white bread was derisively referred to as "Yankee stuffing."

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On Guess We Won't Be Running An Interview with Kat Stacks

"Interview" might be code for something else.

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