On Chicago Has Hurt Feelings

She has obviously not been to one of our summer street festivals. $6 Bud Light Limes & Blink 182 cover bands can convert even the most jaded reporter.

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On Some Recent Defining Presidential Campaign Moments, In Order

@Abe Sauer George Clooney took care of that in his recent film.

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On An Illustrated Look At Some Of Literature's Near Brushes With Death


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On 11 Dead Rappers, in Order of Greatness, on the 12th Anniversary of Big L's Murder

"You can't kill me I was born dead."

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On Has Anyone Ever Been Happy In A Duane Reade?

You sure those weren't potentially old Jews fumbling for their insurance cards?

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On Saigon, "Get Busy"

Obie Trice is now going to loop Donkey Kong's foot stomps.

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On How to Pick Up a Hipster Girl

Step 6: Don't ask why our cute red hats have strings.

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On Tim Pawlenty Also Goes Rouge

What if you can't actually "stand"? What a dumb title.

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On Bret Easton Ellis in Australia: "It Was Really About Me"

What would actually be interesting here would be to mash up the Norm's Ellis eassy with The White Negro.

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