make aliyah

make aliyah

We're Jews, we don't RELY upon nisiim (miracles). We have a mitzvah to settle the Land and to build the Beis HaMikdash. We have to do our physical part in this physical world. If the physical world prevents us, then we can ONLY turn to HaKodesh Baruch Hu. But when the physical world ALLOWS us, what argument do we have for not doing so???

On Sarah Palin's "Planet Earth" and the End Times

Truly from this administration's rage against the Jewish state, an anti-Semitic trope emerges.
For the Jewish people as a whole, there is no divorcing from the Holy Land. When did we become so afraid of Ms Palin or that Obama uses Alinsky principles? So what if the end justifies the means! It is his own religious fundamentalism and she can have hers! So disgusted with these non progressive antics! At the same time I am not surprised. So you choose your comments ignoring the context, situation, local customs and culture, and intended audience using Ms Palin's situation to justify your words. This is a level of literalism gone amok.

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