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On This Week in Lines

Srsly, though, Burger Garage--best fries in that price range.

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On This Week in Lines


Incorrigible custard consumers, maybe?

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On Man Struck By Bike

@rich bachelor The Awl piece begs the question of bikes hitting people while tearing the author down, which not-particularly-tacitly implies the foundational complaint ("I don't want to get hit by a bike") has zero merit.

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On Man Struck By Bike

@John Herrman That context isn't 100% clear. When the thrust of the--admittedly insane--column is that bicyclists need to be reigned in so as to stop hurting people, defensiveness comes off too easily as implying, no, there's no problem with me hurting people. Especially when you frame it comparatively to the dangers posed by cars; it comes off like saying it's fine if I punch people because at least I'm not shooting them.

The other commenters' insistence on explaining all the many stupid things pedestrians do that get them hurt (and, very rarely, killed) seemed even more like a total abnegation of responsibility. "If the pedestrians weren't so stupid, we wouldn't hit them," edges pretty close to, "It's okay if we hit pedestrians so long as they are acting stupid."

I get now that the basic problem with the piece was the dim presumption of a telepathic understanding of the bicyclist, but it really isn't terribly sympathetic to--indeed basically ignores--the fact that many people are afraid of being hit by a bicycle.

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On Man Struck By Bike

So wait, is this article, along with 90% of the commenters, really arguing that it is totally okay to hit people because you've had it so bad for so long (and anyway it's all the pedestrians' fault)? Speaking as a former Critical Masser who's lost two bikes and part of an upper orbital to accidents, what the actual fuck is wrong with you people?

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On Are You a Tech Company?

My favorite is still LavaMae, a nonprofit that retrofits MUNIs into shower facilities for the homeless. It is always referred to as a startup, because it's basically just Yelp, only it concentrates on showering and has no reviews and isn't on the Internet.

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On Eat the Skin

I have always eaten kiwis like this, and I agree, the tartness is fantastic and essential; they're cloyingly sweet otherwise.

However, in the past 5 years or so I've developed a pretty gnarly allergy to kiwi skin. Not the insides, just the skin. Not life-threatening (yet), but there's a definite anaphylactic reaction.

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On A Redder Summer

(This is otherwise a fantastic piece.)

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On A Redder Summer

One of the few language precision things that I feel strongly about: historical usage is in error, there is no such thing as "a black" (or "a white"). The term is "a black person." Especially in narratives like this, the whole point is to push back against skin color as the total measure of a person.

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On Random Acts of Preservation

It is the most general possible signifier of change and history ... That's actually not accurate. It is very specific. It is specifically a random and, as you say, not very good flooring company. That this should stand while so many, many, many other things turn into Whole Foodses is weird, and arbitrary, and absurd, and wonderful. So I would recommend you unfollow any Instagrammers you find tedious, and otherwise have a fine little em ee unsh of a day.

(The being said, re-erecting it is pretty dweeby.)

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