On The Emergency Cigarette Plan

I agree with Balk, Choire. I do this too except I do it with pot and booze. Well, when I can remember to, that is. :)

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On Drinks Are On Us* Tonight!

I'm so jealous. Here I am 3,000 miles away from all the excitement. sigh. Well anyway, I'm glad you all had fun. double sigh

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On Old Men Using Bikes To Snag Young Chicks

Also, what is up with all of the spandex they wear? I swear they only wear it to show off their junk. Ugh!

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On Sad, Upside-Down Drunk Will Have Another

Gawd I hope it was a decent brew and not Bud or something. Although, at some point it doesn't matter, I guess.

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On Who Are You Awl?

last! again!

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On Who Are You Awl?

LAST! No, but seriously folks, I've had this love/lust for Choire and Balk since '05 so I'd pretty much go anywhere they went.

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On The Definitive KFC Double Down Review

Double down and double over.

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On All Day, Every Day: Ask Us Anything!

Did Jeebus really have to die for our sins?

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On New Seating Chart: Where Your Favorite Gawker Employee Sits

looks like the stool and dunce cap are in the lower left hand corner. good to know

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On 5 Things You Are No Longer Allowed To Say On The Internet, As Of Right Now

I mean, really.

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