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On Bad News, Bear

Norway: what a zoo.

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On Canadian Television Show Somehow Important

@Mr. B It was routinely referred to as "Kraft Dinner" when I was growing up as well (in Wisconsin).

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On Hideous Birth Control Methods Through The Ages

A PESSARY MADE OF NETTLE LEAVES?! Well, not a lady here, but just the thought of that would put me off sex for a good long while.

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On A Timeline Of Future Events

@JW Mason THIS. The premise (warfare in three dimensions is so hideously difficult that it requires a generations long program of eugenics + child abuse to figure out) is stupid, the characters are uniformly unlikeable, the ending is kind of obvious... and then there's the crypto-fascist stuff. I read it and still want those hours of my life back.

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On Gorey Went And Got Some

Well, I'm glad we got that all straightened out.

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On "Then it’s time for the gang bang"

@Maxine4Mayor This is good. And a minor head scratcher: "'a patchwork quilt of differently shaped squares in muted colors'". I... I didn't know squares came in more than one shape.

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On The CDs You'll Never Be Able To Get Rid Of

The Eagles must be really really never ever buy, because they're listed twice. But seriously, record store, great business model you have there. Just refuse to carry huge swaths of music that people like to buy, because it's not cool enough. Is it any wonder that people don't remember what a "record store" is?

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On Tube Of Goo Unappealing

@Mount_Prion Really? Because I would have thought if you just substituted the word "beef" for "pork" in the above description, you'd have kosher dogs.

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On NYPD Honcho Wants to Frisk You Even More

@roboloki Not only that. You also want the terrorists to win.

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On Shipping Larry

@melis I have to admit that I don't even know what a fishtail braid IS.

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