By twinkiecowboy on Ask Polly: My Boyfriend Won't Stop Raging About My Sexual History

You're already long distance. It's the perfect time to break up. Rip that band-aid off. You know it's not going to get better. It already sounds pretty scary. I would stop trying to diagnose him-- that sounds like the first step towards you trying to "fix" him. You're not his psychologist, you're his girlfriend and that's not your job. We should show up to relationships in relatively good mental health, or at least be working on our issues. He doesn't even seem aware of his issues.

I've seen couples go through similar situations with STDs and handle it infinitely better than your guy did. It's not impossible to find someone who won't slut-shame you for the rest of your life for contracting a very common dermatological condition that, stigma aside, is really not that big of a deal. Sure, you could've disclosed even though your doctors told you it was unnecessary, but you know what? These kinds of fuck-ups are par for the course in the early stages of a relationship. You find out a lot about your partner by the way you work through them together. I think you know what you need to do. Be safe.

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By Gef the Talking Mongoose on Do You Have a Question for Evelyn Everlady?

Oh my God oh my God oh my God.

I'm so excited my typing fingers are locking up. That is all.

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By termanthomas on Ask Polly: I Was Dumped After a Freak Accident and I Can't Move On


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By sorry your heinous on Change Comes From Within Website

@Gef the Talking Mongoose

I, too, am interested in this "Kinja". Could its magic lure back Barea?

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By KarenUhOh on Ask Polly: Should I Have This Baby?

@IBentMyWookie I'll chime in here, too: LW, if you have this child, you also need to think hard about how and how much "walking away" Dad gets to do. Because he's got a stake in this whether he wants it or not. . .and he damn well may owe a support obligation of some sort, one that need not be determined today or the day the child is born.

Be careful and smart about your rights, and good luck.

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By camelface on What's Behind This Totally Nonexistent Epidemic Of Banker Suicides?

no man has ever hung from the rafters of a second home

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By PistolPackinMama on Ask Polly: My Boyfriend Thinks I'm Ugly

@bibliobotic no no, don't you see, the right to say anything that crosses your mind is more important than other people's feelings. And it's more important to say what's on your mind than think about why you're saying it! And of course if you're going to say something truthful, you have to say something unkind because that's what honesty is, right? Because if it's considerate it has to be false, right?

Or maybe not.


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By bibliobotic on Ask Polly: My Boyfriend Thinks I'm Ugly

@Real-ism Except "unable to filter any of their thoughts" and "lies all the time" are not the same thing.

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By City_Dater on Ask Polly: My Boyfriend Thinks I'm Ugly


Sure, it's possible to love someone to whom you are not physically attracted -- like your Mom, or your best friend.

There is no tactful way to tell your partner you wish she was hotter and it isn't a subject anyone should bring up unless he's prepared to hear all about his shortcomings, including, "I wish you were less shallow and watched less porn."

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By ejcsanfran on Ask Polly: My Boyfriend Thinks I'm Ugly

@laurel: But as long as they follow it up with, "I'm just being honest" it's OK, right?

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