On Who Does The Best "Chelsea Hotel #2"?

I'm so glad I'm not going to be the only person buried with Rattlesnakes & Easy Pieces. I want 'Why I Love Country Music' played at my funeral. Someone more eloquent than I should write a definitive "Why Lloyd Cole Matters" article.

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On Pulp, "Common People"

Just flew in from NOLA to go tomorrow. I have Jarvis problems. This clip is giving me the funny tummy feeling too.

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On Fictional Ducks, In Order From Worst To Best


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On Kanye’s '808s': How A Machine Brought Heartbreak To Hip Hop

'Parinoid' and Frank Turner's 'Reasons Not To Be an Idiot' are my theme songs. They are perfect when you just have to get over yourself.

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On These Cars Turn Right! Become a Formula One Fan This Weekend

OMG,OMG,OMG. It's Indy/Monaco weekend! I love this weekend. My dad started bringing me to the 500 when I was in 3rd grade. My first race was the one that Danny Sullivan beat Mario Andretti in the final 3 laps (I think?). My dad's friends gave me a stopwatch to time the cars to see how close they were getting to each other. My other job was to be the 'bartendress' and I saw one of my dad's friends bite through the side of a beer can. I believe it was a Strohs.

After the IRL/Cart breakup open wheel in the US was never the same. So we got into F1. My Dad is now Pit Fire for the 500 and the Brickyard so he sends us texts to tell us his car and we root for whomever he is working for. However, F1 Fire Crews are employed by the FIA, so no pits for him during F1 races. He does get to work on the course and hook cars up to cranes.

F1 comes to Austin next year. If you do go - go for all 3 days. Qualifying gives you the most insight into race strategy. Or you just get to guess who qualified with the least amount of fuel.

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On Your Strange Internet Infatuations

I started reading Balk on TMFTML. And I also think that Steve Lamacq plays songs just for me.

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On Some Awesome Things To Say To A Cancer Patient

I had wuss cancer and these ring true to me. My favorite was when my crazy ass aunt tried to give me some sort of blessed piece of lace from Lourdes. My Jesus loving nurse mom actually told me not to answer the door when she showed up to drop it off. My dad was even funnier, he called his place of work (a firehouse) to give them surgical updates. The shit part of cancer is that it becomes so public so fast. It just sucks and makes you hate going to the doctor for the rest of your life. And of you're still paying off your student loans a cancer bill is a great thing to add to it.

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