On HBO's Historical Revisionism

It's likely that third party music rights would be an issue. It was standard, especially going back five or ten years, to license third party cues for a fixed term, like three years, and to renegotiate the term is expensive and a pain in the ass. But I've no direct knowledge, and that's to say that HBO ever tried.

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On How Jeb Bush Loses On Super Tuesday, 2016

Bobby Jindal's Google alert went off, and he's scared to look.

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On The End Of Comments

Password still works!

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On Meet The Awl

@SkinnyNerd Internet is spotty in the old folks' home.

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On Meet The Awl

We're commenting again?

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On Six Lesser-Known "Golden Ages" of Media, 1991 - 2005

@Choire Sicha@facebook Please don't tell Russ Smith.

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On Six Lesser-Known "Golden Ages" of Media, 1991 - 2005

New York Press, 96-99.

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On Happy Anniversary Of The 2003 Blackout, Which Now Seems Kind Of Lame When You Compare It To The Blackout We Just Had Last Year

Oddly enough, the weather today is not so much like ten years ago, but very much like 9/11.

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On Job Open

I've been calling Choire/Carrie "chief" for yours. This will be an exciting opportunity to find something else to call the editor.

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On Life So Awful Now People Pine For The Era Of Billy Squier, Joysticks, 'Scarecrow And Mrs. King'

If I'm going math correctly, polling about the 80s now would be like polling about the 50s in 1983.

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