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The "quiet" one.

Matt Berry Is 40

There are some performers whose mere presence inspires laughter, and for me that is a list on which Matt Berry appears fairly close to the top. What with him having a birthday today and all I need no better excuse than to share this terrific bit of Berrydom from the second season of "The IT Crowd." The man is just comedy in human form.

Parquet Courts, "Black and White"

I don't miss the '90s one bit, but I guess if I did I'd be glad these guys are around to spread its styles to a generation that is too young to know better. [Via]

Masturbating Journalist Assertion Clarified

"I ought to correct the record: I said 'masturbatory', not 'masturbating'. Glad that’s cleared up."

Awesomeness Of Rock-Climbing Bear Difficult To Overstate

Wait, you've seen this already? Well WATCH IT AGAIN. [Via]

Death Of Literacy Commemorated In Infographic

"If you were to binge-watch these popular shows start to finish, how much of your life would they consume?"

Birds Keep Getting In The Way Of Bullets

"Wildlife control contractors have shot almost 26,000 birds at John F. Kennedy International Airport over the past five years to stop them interfering with passenger flights — including more than 1,600 protected birds the airport did not have express permission to kill, internal records show."

Basement Jaxx, "Unicorn"

Remember Basement Jaxx? Remember the last time I asked whatever happened to Basement Jaxx? It seems like only weeks ago, but it turns out it was actually last summer. They've got a new album coming soon, and here's a song from it. I don't dance—can you imagine?—but if I did I bet this is something that would get me "on the floor" or whatever people say. Enjoy. [Via]

All Those Guys Who Said "I Won't Get Married Until George Clooney Can Get Married" Are Totally Screwed Now

"Will George Clooney's engagement spur NYC singles into marriage?" [Via]

Maybe The Internet Will Be Good Someday

"Despite how far the computer, Internet, and social media have come, they're still in the relatively early stages of development — maybe even the infantile, pre-adolescent stages.... As these new technologies mature, so will the ways we use them. [We] now find it boring to go to chat rooms just to mess with people. And just think — most current versions of social media are still only a few years old. Eventually, people will grow tired of using computer power for petty teasing, and will use it for more practical and useful applications." READ MORE

Talking Mongoose Refused To Live As A Prisoner To Your Hidebound Taxonomy

"Gef—who spelled his name phonetically, 'because he didn't know how to spell,' Mr. Josiffe says—self-identified as a mongoose, but Mr. Josiffe has plenty of doubts. 'The whole thing about a talking mongoose is a red herring,' he says. Given the Irvings' descriptions, he says Gef was smaller than a mongoose, perhaps a weasel or a squirrel."