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The "quiet" one.

Teaching To The Brand

"Brands are part of our lives. To say they don't belong in academia is unrealistic." READ MORE

Train Terrible

Can you guess what line the New York Times calls "the city’s sorriest little railroad"? If you have ever been on it (or, more likely, waited with increasing exasperation before finally uttering a "Fuck this"—the volume of which proved shocking even to yourself—and heading back upstairs to search for any viable means of transportation, rather than the theoretical situation from which you just departed in a rage) you probably can.

Four Twenty

"On Sunday pot smokers will gather across the US to mark what has become a hallowed date in their calendar – 4/20, or 20 April – by smoking marijuana, possibly at 4:20pm."


I believe the expression you are attempting to articulate is "OMG." And rightly so. [Via]

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, "She's On It/Jack The Ripper"

Beastie Boys + Link Wray + Friday = play. Solved. [Via]

This Thing Used To Be That Thing

We walk about the streets of this city rubbing shoulders with ghosts, and sometimes they are raised up and flicker in front our eyes, wailing "Remember me," before they are condemned to disappear once again. Then the giant glass towers and frozen yogurt shops move in.

Harvey's Gainsbourg Comes Back Around

It seems like it is always reissue time, but here is news of a return engagement that is very worthwhile: READ MORE

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, 1927-2014

Some of the better coverage of the life of Gabriel García Márquez, who died yesterday at the age of 87, can be found here in the Guardian. The New Yorker also has a few pieces that are worth your time.

Chromeo feat. Ezra Koenig, "Ezra's Interlude"

People always focus on the "guilty" part of "guilty pleasure," but let's not forget that the next word is "pleasure." I mean, pretty much all pleasure contains a certain amount of guilt anyway, right? It does for me at least. Anyway, apropos of nothing, here's a song from Chromeo with the guy from Vampire Weekend.

Major Lazer feat. Pharrell Williams, "Aerosol Can"

Now THAT is how you do a lyric video. [Via]