Matt Baume

Matt Baume

Writer and photographer in San Francisco.

On Dorothy's Pals Actually Speaking In Code

Can anyone confirm that "friend of Dorothy" is actually a Wizard of Oz reference? I've heard claims that it actually refers to the gay entourage that used to follow Dorothy Parker around.

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On Name That Los Angeles Neighborhood!

Hahaha it's a trick question! Los Angeles doesn't HAVE neighborhoods!

Posted on August 15, 2011 at 5:45 pm 1

On Big Newspaper Just Dying on the Internet

The video now appears to have been removed. Another jorb well done, Miami Herald!

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On Seven Years as a Freelance Writer, or, How To Make Vitamin Soup

Delightful. I love reading stories of freelance exasperation. Reminds me of the time I pitched a story to one of those FUTURE OF JOURNALISM startups here in SF and the editor responded, "this sounds interesting. Are you pitching it for yourself or would like one of our reporters to take it on?"

I took it to Spot.us.

Posted on August 2, 2010 at 6:26 pm 0

On Real America: Target CEO Chooses "Business" over Gay Rights

Here's a question worth asking Target: Will they donate money in support of marriage equality? It's very nice that their verbal support of gays is so "unwavering," but how about putting their money where their mouth is?

After all, if they're so concerned with the bottom line, they ought to know that equality is good for business. http://gayrights.change.org/blog/view/gay_marriage_is_good_for_business

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On Another Journalism-Changing Startup Bites The Dust

Well, it was a nice try, anyway. I was one of the writers who posted articles on Newstilt (three whole times), and I'm sure someone, somewhere, has learned a lesson from all this.

It may be worth pointing out the advice that I received from Newstilt about naming my brand: "The best thing," I was told, "would be to pick some generic words that resonate with you."


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On Horror Chick: Why We Should Rejoice for 'Birdemic,' AKA ‘The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made’

I'm so pleased to see James getting some attention! I interviewed him about five years ago, when he was starting work on Birdemic, and I can assure you all that he is ABSOLUTELY SINCERE.


The thing that surprises me most about the coverage of Birdemic and James Nguyen is that nobody seems to be aware that he is building a spaceship.

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