On Eight Great Things You Can Eat This Spring That Are Definitely Not Ramps

Still, the only thing I think of when I hear fava beans is liver and a nice chianti

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On C. Everett Koop, 1916-2013

And if you grew up in the 90s, chances are you'll remember him principally from the song in the Be Sharps episode of The Simpsons. "For all the latest medical poop / Call Surgeon General C. Everett Koop / Poop-poopa-doop"

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On Liveblogging The New Citibank Commercial

Please liveblog that fucking manipulative Google ad with the girl and her widowed father. I mean seriously, way to guilt us into using your shitty products Google.

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On Six British Candies: Which Tastes Best?


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On The NASA Scientist Who Answers Your 2012 Apocalypse Emails

Klaatu barada Kinay

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On The Question Of Pants

Let's not even get started on "Jumper vs Sweater"

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On Things I Didn't Get To Eat (Or Drink) At The Great GoogaMooga

This is one of the better reviews out there. Some critics *really* hated the whole experience. Me, I'm just glad I may never have to hear the words "googa mooga" ever again.

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On Is Lady Pretty? World Rushes To Debate

I can think of no other reason why this woman might be hated by every woman she meets

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On Why Will Leitch Burned All His Baseball Cards: A Q&A

I threw out my cassette collection when I left home about ten years ago. Now I bitterly regret it, if only because I have lost the opportunity to show my kids what a pain in the ass it was to listen to music when I was a kid. By the time I have teenage kids, they'll be plucking music out of the air with their magic internet brains.

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On How To Bring A Bike On The New York City Subway

This article should end after the first rule. If you ride your bike into the city, be prepared to ride it home again. The end.

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