On Oh Bituminous Blast! At Midtown's 'Magic' Gathering

Much closer to an "indoor suburban mall" in Manhattan is the actual Manhattan Mall in Herald Square: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manhattan_Mall

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On Consensus: U.S. Economy "Losing Steam"!

It's no good, it's full of steam!

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On Diary of an Unemployed Class of '10 Philosophy Major in New York City, Part 1

Damn it's hard being a college educated middle class white person in one of the most expensive cities in the country.

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On "How do Girls Wearing Rompers Go to the Bathroom?"

I... what?

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On "How do Girls Wearing Rompers Go to the Bathroom?"

Nordstrom ain't upscale?

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On Hello, All That!

Number one thing I will not miss about this city: all of the whinging, hand-wringing self obsession. The next person to publish an over-long searching exegesis on "the city and authenticity" is getting tied to a chair and left in the Times Square ESPN Zone until I feel you've learned your lesson.

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On Kreepie Kats: Don't Leave, Jacob! (Not Without Doing Full Frontal)

Why not save some time and just have theawl.com redirect straight to Gawker?

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On Tales from Brooklyn: Short Stories About Love (Actually Sex): Part 4

This reminds me of my college CW workshops, where you'd occasionally get to read something from someone with a bit of talent, but you still couldn't get excited about it because the talented ones never wanted to write about anything beyond their limited experience, ie partying at college, fucking at college, being disaffected at college, &c. T.J. I think you're a pretty capable prose stylist, but I hope your other work reaches beyond 20-somethings playing with themselves in railroad apartments in Billyburg. There are enough J Lethems in the world already.

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On The Making of Friskies "Adventureland": "Where Do They Go In Their Minds?"

plz see Bill Hicks re: marketing

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On In Praise of Five Cigarettes a Day

Hey, way to address a point I didn't even attempt to make! Thrash that strawman!

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