On Angela Lansbury Or Betty White?

@Grrg I think Sara's right that that's what Lansbury's actually "better known" for. She is better known for it, by most people! And it is sad! But I don't see how this somehow costs her the crown. CLEARLY she is the objectively more awesome senior citizen.

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On Angela Lansbury Or Betty White?

@Grrg THANK YOU, SIR. Also, Bedknobs & Broomsticks? I mean I cherish TV Legend Betty White, but Jesus, one of these actresses had a film career and a stage career and one of them did not.

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On Please Welcome The Wirecutter

This is the greatest website ever. NEVER AGAIN will I agonize over a tech purchase.

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On Eighth-Graders Get Really Mean 9/11 Art Review


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On Eighth-Graders Get Really Mean 9/11 Art Review

@TennisCourtOaf I prefer transpeople, myself, but to each his own!

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On Three Rotten Classic Books I Never Want to See Again

@C_Webb I know! Apparently this guy actually NEEDS to read The Great Gatsby again. Like, among other things, Gatsby was not only NOT an "Ivy League douchebag," he dropped out of St. Olaf, and then lied about going to Oxford, so that he'd be respected by the book's Ivy Leaguers, who are indeed a bunch of shallow douchebags.

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On Thirteen Songs Inspired By Serial Killers

needs more Neko http://www.cmt.com/videos/neko-case/113645/deep-red-bells.jhtml

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On AOL + HuffPo: What Does It Mean?

Now scroll back up to the top graphic and tell me how many of those websites you've actually used in the past five years.

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On Video: "Five Simple Ways Men Can Wear Make-Up"

Thanks to these tips I ACED that job interview and am ready for my green tights.

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On John McCain Tries to Embrace Tea Party, Throws Gays (or Bastards!) Under Bus

Wait, I don't get it. "His parents are married"?

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