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On Bleaching the Jury Pool

Aww, being kicked out of jury duty for demonstrating bias was one of my proudest moments in Old New York. The case was going to be determined by expert testimony on both sides...
ME: Well, it just seems like the unemployed single mother from Brownsville is going to be really disadvantaged in terms of what sort of expert she can hire to testify, compared to the NYC Board of Ed.
PROSECUTOR: You're a radical, huh? Yeah, we don't want you. Dismissed.

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On Won't You Save These Homeless Long Words? Send Help Now, Some Stories Are Going Unread!

Or 2.50 a month, I think? But either way, really; I know it's Monday.

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On Every Teen Should Have Their Phone Taken Away RIGHT NOW, SERIOUSLY, NOW

Wow. That article might legitimately be The Worst Thing Ever. And now I need to move to an island with no internet access.

Team Jenna, though :(

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On Which Book Published Today Should You Buy?


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On Yeah, Right, "A Sidewalk Description"


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On The Republican Party's Rape Problem

Well, I thought it was funny... but then I am old, and have been reading The Awl a long time, and know the Guest Op Eds are parody pieces? ...slinks off

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On 'Stranger In A Strange Land': Can You Grok That?

Nicole! I love you! But Philip K Dick is a terrible writer!

I mean that very literally. Excellent, wonderful, amazing ideas. Bad, painfully, cringingly bad, prose.

I would submit that Heinlein was totally more libertarian than fascist, although he was definitely a massive elitist and believed most people were just not smart enough to run their lives properly, which certainly does smack of fascism. I think Time Enough for Love is his real treatise on this...

Also, while there is plenty of sexism in the books and a certain amount of Mary Sue-ing, because hello, Gwen / Hazel in The Cat Who Walks Through Walls and Deety in The Number of the Beast are pretty much impossible, actually a lot of the men are equally impossible, and in general I think the sexism is being expressed by the *characters* and not the *author*... that generally he does seem to love and respect his (ridiculously impossible) women. A lot of people have said his wife was insanely kick-ass, super egalitarian and the inspiration for most of his female characters.

(And now, having outed myself as a huge Heinlen geek, farewell)

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On What if Obama Does a Full-Reverse on Gay Marriage Today?

Would I be a naive jackass if I said maybe, juuuust maybe, he might actually come out and be the smart nerdy ex-con-law professor guy who points out that it doesn't matter a fuck what his personal religious beliefs are, because WE ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE A SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE IN THIS COUNTRY, and that means we shouldn't be legislating religious decisions? I mean the fact that we are so balled up in whether he personally, religiously, godly believes in it or not being, theoretically I mean, totally irrelevant?

Hahahaha I would, right? Yeah, I thought so. #livesingermany

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On Top Eleven Dumb Songs to Sing to Cats


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On The Stacey Q Gap

@melis I need you, Melis!

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