On Playing Tennis At Grand Central

@BadUncle Depend on the color of the shower!

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On Self-Castration During Sex A "Win-Win" For Male Spiders

So, do these spiders grow another one? Or to they have to buy another one online?
And will it fit, or can they return it? Maybe they have them at Duane Reade?

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On Gay Retirement Homes Are a Bust

We got a a mailer from one of these places, and they don't take pets.

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On Das Racist And Other Friends I Never Made In College

Things I did to make friends in college:

-joined a fraternity (a really terrible one)

-bought an old Triumph Spitfire and let some guy borrow it a lot (to go spend the night
at his girlfriend's house)

-let a different guy keep a boat (with 'suspect' registration) in my parents front yard
for a while (!)

-quit college midway through junior year, and drove up to New York with a Northern Florida "punk" band, permanently

(looking back, it's pretty clear these were crushes, not friends)

Oh well, whatever works.

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On A Conversation With John Flansburgh And Jonathan Coulton

@barnhouse But this might really be a FAKE SPAM comment, arranged by Mr.Flansburgh!

No, actually, it IS terrible; where are are all the Clever People today?

I was just thinking about "MinkCar" and how its release party was the night
before "9-11" at Tower records in NYC.... talk about bad timing... !

it's even out of print now, I believe.

Anyhoo, some trivia for y'all


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On Liberty Tax Service: Your Huddled Masses Yearning To Be Franchisees

Since I live on a block with 6 empty storefronts and three on the next, I totally expect to see one of these pop up soon! Depressing.

The poor aesthetics (I am guessing) are planned. If these were 'nice' places, the poor folks would be scared away, thinking the fees would be high.
Which in fact they turn out to be!

I guess the Poor represent a vast source of untapped wealth. Who knew?

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On Not Drinking Is Awful

Whenever I feel I drink too much, I am reminded of a story. I was seeing this shrink a long time ago,
and one of his first questions to me was, "Are you an alcoholic?"

"Um, no, (!)... I...uh.. probably drink more than I should, at least, um,--
"No, of course not! Who on earth would--
He then went on (somewhat irritated) to the next questions.

Problem solved!

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On Selling Out: The Joys of Adult Indie Easy Listening

I do know that Melt Banana's "Long, Late Period" started with Creeps in a White Cake, and
has been just like forever, ever since!

*also, we did hear a Magnetic Fields tune on a dog food commercial last year, in Mexico.
It was a perky tune, not suicidal, tho-

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On Ross Douthat, the Fake Soft-Pedaler of the Culture Wars

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