On That Big Study About How the Student Debt Nightmare Is in Your Head? It's Garbage

Yeah, I thought garbage too! All you need to look at is one undeniable statistic-- that more young people than ever are coming home from college to live with their folks. It's not that they want to; they have no choice. They don't have the extra money to spend on starting their own household. What does that tell you, Brookings Institution and David Lionhart!????

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On The Collage Artist

I like a lot of her songs but, in the end, I think I'm nauseated by her vision of female sexuality. Maybe because it reminds me of my very troubled daughter. But anyway, it's disturbing and not in a good way.

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On Creeping Subway Despair Confirmed By Data

I prefer to think of "sick passenger" (also called "sick customer") as MTA code for "we don't know why the fuck we're not moving but we're gonna be stuck here a while."

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On The Life Cycle Of A Pop Song

@saraldn When my girls were little, like 4 and 6 YO, we used to sing along to it in the car together, at the top of our lungs! Good times.

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On The Life Cycle Of A Pop Song

I love that Grimes video. Thanks for reminding me!

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On Distract Your Brain Back To Sleep

That's funny. I've been doing something like that for years of insomnia-- it doesn't always work, but when I get up several times each night to go pee, I repeat to myself "No thoughts, no songs." Otherwise I start thinking thoughts and songs! And can't sleep.

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On Why Do You Animals Flush The Toilet With Your Feet?

Why does it offend you that people flush with their shoes? I do it and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I thought everyone did.

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On Hard Candy Shell Claims Another Victim: The Slate Redesign

You're much too kind. Slate's redesign is horrendous for so many reasons.

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On Hard Candy Shell Claims Another Victim: The Slate Redesign

I first happened upon it in IO because that's what I mainly use at the office (don't ask), and it doesn't even work. The boxes the right side of the page with stories in them should be clickably linked to the stories, right? But they don't link. Sad. Anyway, what a freaking mess. I'm moving over to Salon and others. I don't want to learn a new website. I already have a job. And the typeface looks vacant. Too much white altogether.

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On Your Street Probably Smells Like Semen Right Now—But It Might Not Next Spring

Semen has a smell? Really? I cannot summon it up....
Why are you smelling semen anyway. Ginko has got to be worse than whatever this tree smells like.

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