On What Movies Make You Ignore Everything Else?

A Few Good Men! The Princess Bride! Dead Poets' Society! And a whole bunch of the movies already listed (The Cutting Edge and Shawshank, in particular). I heart TBS!

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On "The O.C." Characters, In Order

Fun Fact: "That guy with the gun who shot someone at that party" is Stephen Salvatore from one of Choire's favorite shows, The Vampire Diaries. The more you know.

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On "The O.C." Characters, In Order

@jfruh Excuse me, you forgot Nana's first name: "The." (But yes, she should be on this list.)

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On 'The Secret Circle': Teen Witches In ZOMG Love

@Nicole Cliffe@facebook You read my mind! I was trying to remember the name of the Christopher Pike book that freaked me out and it was, indeed, "Whisper of Death." It did not even occur to me at the time that it was anti-abortion -- I just thought it was a sad ending? Because accidents happen? So I guess gold star for me for resisting indoctrination?

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On Eggs, In Order

@Rollo I am personally offended by this comment.

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On Pies, In Order

Number 1 is correct. The rest of the list is incorrect.

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On 27 TV Shows They Killed Too Early, In Order of Heartbreak

This list pretty clearly was written by a 20-something, as proven by the missing My So-Called Life and Sports Night.
And even a young should have included Veronica Mars. And probably Pushing Daisies.
(Totally agree with Freaks & Geeks as number 1, though!)

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On I Beg You Hold-Outs To Join Me In Watching 'Doctor Who'

Agreed! I was verrrry resistant because I generally dislike silly monster-of-the-week shows, but Eccleston and Tennant were SO GOOD and the real stories -- about character evolution and relationships (and not with a capital R just like, how a centuries year old half man/half god impacts those around him) -- were just brilliant. It's worth the silly monsters!

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On The Best Songs About New York That Don't Have 'New York' In The Title

And this one in particularly is quite unsucky.

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On The Best Songs About New York That Don't Have 'New York' In The Title

"Broadway" by the Old 97's is also an excellent choice.

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