On Robert Hughes, 1938-2012

@En Vague John Berger's alive?! That is news.

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On Burning Down Wisconsin: The Hidden Budget Bill Item Even Worse Than Union Busting

To me this budget smacks of the same logic as "If we have no employees we don't have to pay anybody!" I've got annoying clients, but without them I don't have ANY work. Instead of building up incomes and the tax base they're zeroing everything out and, aside from ideological, I don't see what there is to gain.

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On The New Radiohead is Suddenly Here: How Insane Should We Go?

On other thing I realized from this video, is that despite their reputation as a 'downer' band, these little beats and melodies are just the things that Thom grooves to. He seems to be having a good ol' time smiling and rocking away.

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On Health Workers Forced To Treat Gays, Women As People

It took me a minute, but I see this is a good thing. Okay, faux outrage comment: But where are those health care workers going to get jobs when almost ALL doctors are abortionists or gay sympathizers? I mean, you can't walk down the street without someone forcing an abortion on, or gay marry you!

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On The New Radiohead is Suddenly Here: How Insane Should We Go?

I've been so excited for this Bob Fosse concept album to drop! RADIOHEAD, JAZZ HANDS: this made my weekend, for reals.

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On The Most Emailed 'New York Times' Article Ever

Wait, what's that bird called? Ibis? Okay, never mind.

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On Sarah Palin Really Likes Flags

Afterward they built a fortress, to protect their fuel reserves, and a "dome" in which to hold death-battles. "Your host Sarah Palin: The Smarty of the Tea Party, the C**t of Conservatives, the Ayatollah..." you get the ideer.

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On Hoarder Really Likes Hoarding Drugs

Cheech has been telling him "When the economy collapses, whoever has the most weed will have the power, esse. Are you gonna hit that, dude?"

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On Love Clive Owen? And Catherine Keener? Well, Bad News!

Now Schwimmy can add auteur to his resume.

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On The Way We Quit Internships Now: With a Bang

The book is based on their resignation emails.

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