On Longread Hips Don't Lie

@lempha For reals, right? I've never particularly cared about either, but now that I've heard about their upcoming collaboration this might change.

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On Where Do Liberals Say They'll Move Now if Obama Loses?

@Lockheed Ventura Romney is marginally worse than Obama in a number of areas, but if he won, maybe folks on the left would stop ignoring the really shitty policies that they've been inexplicably (ok, it's actually explicable) accepting with Barry at the helm?

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On Meat Bad

@KenWheaton Yes. What does "a 12 percent greater risk of dying over all" even mean??

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On How To Make Weeknight Crispy Duck Breast

Every few months, either Mrs Teeth or I buy a few ducks, and spend a couple weekend afternoon hours breaking them down — cracklins from the non-breast skin, pate from the livers, confit from the legs and hearts & kidneys, breasts in the freezer, to be prepared just like you describe on some random later date. Stock from the remaining corpse, and once the confit is eaten, the fat it sat in is the best imaginable medium for frying potatoes — or anything else, really. It's all extremely easy — if it wasn't, I'd screw it up, and I've never managed to screw it up — and gives you a disgustingly smug feeling of accomplishment.

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On A Very Short List of Things That Could Go Wrong With a Space Elevator

Totally fair, but I'd be thrilled if you followed that with a short list of things that are totally AWESOME about space elevators.

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On Oh Bituminous Blast! At Midtown's 'Magic' Gathering

The 'pro tour' certainly sounds absurd, but my understanding is that magic's survival can be arguably credited to it: wizards spends a good pile of scratch subsidizing the highest level of play, but the existence of this highest level is what encourages the main body of tournament players — who often spends small fortunes on shiny cardboard — to continue playing. And quite likely the existence of that tournament circuit bolsters the enthusiasm (& spending) folks who don't necessarily play quite that seriously.

Anyway: nice piece!

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On How To Bring A Bike On The New York City Subway

What's wrong with carrying your bike over a turnstile? Assuming you can do so smoothly & w/o delaying anyone else. Which really shouldn't be too difficult.

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On Against Gift Giving

@djfreshie Ah, I see — I was an unintentional snob and hadn't realized that canadian whiskey is called rye in some areas. I totally agree — though I guess it's more fact than opinion — that cheap canadian whiskey is not very nice. I don't know of an american rye that retails below $20/750ml; cheap starts in a different place, there.

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On Against Gift Giving

@djfreshie I was totally with you until you slagged cheap rye -- rittenhouse bonded is the best value I know of for spirits. Makes a better manhattan than many whiskeys 2-3x the price.

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On Sometimes People Say Outrageous Things On The Internet To Generate Traffic

Wait, I love money!

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