On What Should We Call People Who Enjoy A Drink?

I'm afraid all of those alternative terms are already taken as synonyms for 'alcoholic'.

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On Stupid Striking BART Union Doesn't "Get" Silicon Valley Values

@KarenUhOh The rye&Dolin-Manhattan-followed-by-Fernet Skype is alive & well.

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On A Ton of Long Things You Can Start Watching on Netflix Now!

As I near breeding age I find myself thinking things like: "when I have children, we're totally sitting down a family every christmas eve & watching 'Let The Right One In'. I've no issue w/ 'it's a wonderful life', but LTROI just seems so much more APPROPRIATE.

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On Correlation Is Not As Disimplicative Of Causation As You Keep Saying

Correlation implies the SHIT outa causation: it just doesn't prove it. It used to drive me nuts when folks make this claim, but I've come to think it's a helpful indication that it's likely safe to ignore the Bayes-ignorant-motherfuckers.

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On Literally The Worst Word On The Planet

@Dave Bry As I tell all my imaginary students, whenever you find yourself about to say 'literally', fuckin' replace it with "fuckin'".

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On Goodbye, Reader! We Were Never Meant To Be

Many readers might have a narrower definition of likeable, but if a likeable character is one that the reader can relate to, empathize with, or emotionally invest in, all of the titles listed have likeable characters. Without 'likeable' characters of this sort, it becomes a whole lot tougher to create fiction with the qualities you highlight. Or so this non-writer would imagine, if only because I've seen precious little of it.

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On Thank Goodness, There's a Vicious Language Usage Catfight!

@jfruh Comment deleted because it made me look like an idiot. I'm pretty sure that your theory, sir, is one hundred percent correct!

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On Thank Goodness, There's a Vicious Language Usage Catfight!

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On Cocaine Eats Your Brain

Yes, but coke heads are twice as big jerks as non-users, so there's some compensation.

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On How to Blow Through Airport Security for Only $100

@ReginalTSquirge You're (arguably) participating (nearly) as much when you choose to go through the normal screening process.

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