On Ask Polly: I Feel Violently Ambivalent About My Boyfriend... So Should We Get Married?

LW2, have you ever gone to Al-Anon? Please think about it - you're 100% right that you're repeating alcoholic-family patterns with this marriage.

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On News Finally Replaced By Zombie Show Blog Recap

@deepomega I think you mean the finale of a good The Walking Dead season has never been seen before.

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On What Are You Nostalgic For This Valentine's Day?

@Murgatroid My favorite part of that speech was when she said Sandra Day O'Connor is proof we don't need feminism.

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On Venture Capital's Massive, Terrible Idea For The Future Of College

My comment keeps disappearing - here it is again:
I like Confessions of a Community College Dean's take on a lot of these issues. He makes a case for "using MOOCs like books" - that is, having "flipped classrooms" where students watch MOOC content on their own and then meet with professors for Q&A.

He also says actually the number of high-level administrators has generally decreased in higher ed - what's increased is IT staff, financial aid stuff, and students with disabilities staff. There's a link to the study and more debate about it in the comments, but the basic point is that we can't ignore the role of needing to comply with federal and state regulations.

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On In California, the Winners Aren't Apologizing To God For Being Liberal

@samiam It's cute when The Awl tries to cover California.

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On In New York City, Topography is Hurricane Destiny

@major disaster Also mudslides!

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On Bourbon, Like People, Sweetest Before Age Ten

Part of a series about youth.

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On The Pretty New Web and the Future of "Native" Advertising

@Ariel Meadow Stallings@facebook Yeah, I really think you (and also Meg Keene of course) are getting this right! It felt like you were doing our wedding vendor research for us, which is how it should be.

Another example is the posts that Angie Cox from YouLookFab writes for Nordstrom during their sales, where she says which of their pieces she thought were most interesting and worked best for her regular personal stylist clients. To me it seems like it comes down to the writer being willing to only take on products they actually think are great and the advertiser being willing to have the writer's real opinion posted, especially when there's an ongoing relationship that's about mutually becoming part of each other's branding (rather than a one-off review).

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On Drink Dispensers Balk At Crushing Burden Of Squeezing Lime

@cherrispryte Wow, yeah, I guess I'd rather get shot down than get handed something like that.

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