On Woah! It's Lame Twitter

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On 'Blonde on Blonde,' In Order

I really only clicked through to make sure Visions of Johanna was first. All is right. What a great song, brought together by strong production and an amazing yet simple bass line.

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On Yo La Tengo, "I'll Be Around"

So many great things in that paragraph/video.

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On Single, Lonely Wolf Seeks Sex and Real Estate In California

For the next project, can we gett the grizzly back in the state? I mean, the dude is on the state flag.

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On Everyone Loves George Saunders

Now I'm gonna have to read it, just to find out what ass fries are.

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On Other Famous People Who Were (Or Planned To Be) In Other Hobbit Movies

I'm still holding out for the version of the movie by GG Allin and the Texas Nazis, which I guess is futile since Allin is dead.

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On Conservatives Bravely Blame Everything, Especially Romney, For Romney's Loss

Where is the "Modern GOP is one giant snake oil salesman of a party" reason?

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On 25 Days To Read "Cloud Atlas" Before Tom Hanks Ruins It Forever

Agree fully!
People always seem surprised when I tell them forrest gump also makes me want to puke in my shoes.

Luckily my dad sympathizes, because he refuses to like a movie with a protagonist named after a Confederate hero and KKK leader.

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On Where Does Your Alcohol Dollar Go?

Oh my god, I feel like I spend 50 of every 100 dollars on booze.
How is this not a Billfold article?

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On Cat Being Fat In Heaven Now

And our national obesity nightmare continues. . .

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