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On Ask Polly: I Had a Stillbirth and My Husband Totally Lacked Empathy

@Dave Gottwald@facebook -- I'm just going by what they told me back in the Dark Ages. In the most contemporary usage, I think you're correct; sympathy has become something they have a card for, a remote sense of pity or obligation. Hence, I suppose, the rise in the use of 'empathy' to fill the semantic gap.

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On A Photo Tour of Williamsburg's Latest Real Estate Travesty

So what, they're getting the money.

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On Ask Polly: I Had a Stillbirth and My Husband Totally Lacked Empathy

Empathy is knowing what others feel. Sympathy is feeling what others feel. The husband may possess empathy; he lacks sympathy. This is going to be a serious and ongoing problem in a marriage; it is not a misstep or a mistake. The friendship of the husband for a psychopath is further evidence. Unless the LW has another life and simply uses the husband for fertilization purposes, she probably needs to restructure her situation.

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On Human vs. Citi Bike: New York's Secret Struggle

You could probably make it lock with a large enough hammer.

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On Ask Polly: I Survived a Hard Life, But I Never Learned How to Be Normal

The LW sounds like an exceptional but 'normal' person who got a lot of bad breaks and overcame them, in which case she should not have any severe problems in the future.

However, she might be an Extraterrestrial. For us Extraterrestrials, being on Earth with human beings at all is kind of a tough break. One of the difficulties is never feeling at home or at ease among humans, who are oddly unevolved when in areas like tribalism, violence, willful ignorance, and so forth -- qualities appropriate for knuckle-dragging subprimates, not intelligent beings. In that case, what she must do is keep on the lookout for fellow Extraterrestrials. Many of them will have encountered similar difficulties with humans and will need her help. Others may have been more successful and will be able to be helpful and friendly without trying to take advantage or get over on anyone. For an Extraterrestrial, it is important to try to establish and preserve relationships with other Extraterrestrials because in this alien world, they are our only home.

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On There Are Fewer Idiots In America Than You Think

Because people (and fakes) have Facebook accounts doesn't mean they look at them any more than they look at Twitter. Jabbering and one-liners become wearisome pretty rapidly for most people.

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On Ask Polly: I Am Obsessed With My Boyfriend's Evil Ex-Girlfriend—And Her Blog! (And Their Dogs!)

@nyc121212 -- 'Female' is a bit clinical but to me it doesn't really seem to carry the frightful weight of moral opprobrium you're trying to load on it.

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On Prices For Death From Above Show On The High Side

I am glad to hear the death-and-disaster tourists are going to get soaked. I had a job near the WTC in 2001, and after 9/11 I had to literally shove them and their huge cameras out of the way just to get to work. I wish they could be charged more, since we can't send them to another planet.

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On What If These TED Talks Were Horribly, Unspeakably Wrong?

While Gladwell is a just target for satire and other derisions, I thought Pallotta was the most interesting, in that running charities for profit is an ancient game, so that baldly suggesting that it would be some sort of innovation exceeds Gladwell's chutzpah quotient by many points.

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