On Week Disliked

Yes. This week is the worst.

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On Ask Polly: I'm In Love But My Best Friend Is Slipping Away!

I always love this column, but this one in particular is extra wonderful.

Posted on March 6, 2013 at 4:58 pm 4

On Generation 'FNL'

I will also miss Drunken Bee's recaps which examine the psychological state of the show's most important character, Coach Taylor's hair.

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On The Re-Re-Re-Resuscitation of Tom Cruise

He understands what his job is and knows how to get it done. Very few movie stars you can say that about. Oh! And I completely forgot to mention how good he was playing (again) a psycho hit man in Collateral.

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On Public Apology: The Collected Short Films

Best. Thing. Ever!

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On The End of the 00s: Why Did We Not Appreciate 2007?, by Sara Vilkomerson

Yes, The Lookout! I meant to put that on the list. More Matthew Goode in 2010, please. Also, I think The Lives of Others, perhaps one of the best films of the decade, were in US theaters in 2007.

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On Marvel and NyQuil: Everything is Bad, Go to Sleep

Team Unisom.

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