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On Bach Keyboard Concertos, In Order

I'd like to request some Vladimir Ashkenazy on the partitas up in this ...

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On The World Of Bear Rub Videos Will Never Be The Same After This Ursine Friction Cinematic Masterpiece

This is not quite what I expected when I read "Bear Rub Video"

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On Media Stunned To Learn That Rest Of World More Interested Infomercials Than Media Reporting

no one seems to care about this post either (except ME)...

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On Roger Ebert, 1942-2013

Fearless critic, wonderful writer.

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On The NYC Public High School with Nine Black Students

Couldn't Michael Bloomberg -- a data driven Mayor that claimed he wanted to be "the education Mayor" -- have put in place programs in public junior high schools that steer gifted minority students to the top-tier schools? I am someone who went to Brooklyn Tech, one of the three specialized schools at the time. I never understood why there were no programs -- afterschool, weekend, etc -- that, at the time, steered more people of color to spending a cold winter weekend taking the test and getting into one of the good schools. It is even more absurd considering the percentages of people of color in the city! The laissez-faire approach to this incredible discrepancy in publicly funded schools really does not augur well. It doesn't take a kid that went to a specialized high school to figure that out ..

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On A Short Story by Dana Vachon


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On God (Or Maybe "Utilities") Hates Gawker

No internet access? "I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet .."

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On Big—And Little–Changes at 'The New Republic,' Which Is a Magazine

Just so long as we don't see glowing cover stories on Charles Murray's The Bell Curve anymore. That was my dealbreaker with the Peretz era TNR ..

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On Take A Minute To Watch The New Way We Make Web Headlines Now

The Joy of Southernface

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On What Was The First Thing You Shoplifted?

I got so busted trying to shoplist a candy called Toffeefay when I was like 6 years old ata supermarket that it turned me off of that Dark Art forever. I never improved my skillz. My mom, an ex-nun, really read me the riot act on that one.

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