On 60 Of Baseball’s Best Names (That Are Not Hunter Pence), In Order

John Dickshot's nickname was "Ugly?" Why that's the most John Dickshot-y thing of all time. Was he a Garbage Pail Kid?

Also, Vida Blue.

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On NFL Stadium Names in Order of Respectability

Indianapolis is so remarkably average, could you please just bump our ranking down to 15.5? We prefer our mediocrity to be MATHEMATICALLY PRECISE.

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On So There Was Some Kind Of Health Care Thing That Happened Last Night

That bearded, twitchy gent running the show last night was fucking FIERCE. Who was that?

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On Science Finally Comes Up With Good Use For Human Body

Is that a double-penetration movie on your arm or are you just happy to see me?

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On Booby-Juice Cheese Does Its Job

This is one of those ideas that will just TAKE OFF in Japan.

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On Jim Bunning's Victims

As Jesus often said, "Tough shit, you lousy layabouts." [Deuteronomy 28:14]

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On Sometimes I'm Happy

Angst ... the healthy, ALL-NATURAL sentence-polisher? Well I'lllllll be. (So long, ether!!!)

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On How Many Years Will It Take Us To Get John Yoo's Emails?

Melancholy-scrubbing begs to differ. (The secret ingredient is despair!!!)

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On Half Baked: Snow Day Cookies

The road to Crazyladytown is paved with toffey brickle. And davenports.

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On Hometown Heroes to Have Difficulty with Proposed Profanity-Free Week in Fucking California

If you play that song in reverse, it's actually Gordon Lightfoot's "Sundown."

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