On Tina Brown, 1953 - 2013

Conferences are terrible. But. It keeps a network alive - both literally and figuratively. Throw three conferences a year, get Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell and Lance Arms....er Diana Nyad to speak. Bosses come with their spouses, shell out some dough, see a Broadway show, get an autograph, go home with a pocket full of business cards - while you've financed an editor and five writers for a year.

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On Seven Awesome Campgrounds To Head To On A Roadtrip

Wait. Did you write this book? I want more. You finally got me at Devil's Lake, my family's camping spot growing up.

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On Comedy Anesthetizing

The critique of stewart/colbert was not particularly convincing, or even damning. However, it touches on a troubling byproduct of these two shows, namely, the unearned audience embrace of cynicism (and often, triumphalism).

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On The 40-Year-Old Reversion


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On Miss Simone's Ninth-Grade Hip Hop Appreciation Class in Brooklyn

Love. Good. Teachers.

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On The End of Privacy: Address Books with Friends

@Matthew Phelan $100. Easy.

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On The User Agreement Trust Economy

@antarcticastartshere yes.

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On Will We Even Know if We Enter a Full-Surveillance Society?

Not to freak you guys out or anything, but you are currently on Karl Rove's secret list of bearded men.

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On The User Agreement Trust Economy

Choire -- know any folks that have done a good job covering this beat?

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On Christopher Hitchens, 1949-2011

@Ham_Snadwich this is illuminating: http://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/63587/christopher-hitchens/just-causes?page=4&cid=soc-facebook-in-review_essays-just_causes-121611

though its still a royal fuck up.

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