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Posted on November 11, 2011 at 3:33 pm 1

On Chemical Apple Pie: Apple Pie Without The Apples

@Erin Smith@twitter : Agreed! Though technically I don't think you can call it an "Apple" pie since it contains no apples. (Following the same logic behind DiGiorno's Boneless 'Wyngz', that are not actually wings.)

Appul pie, maybe?

Posted on October 1, 2011 at 4:24 pm 0

On Why Is This Joke Funny?

I laughed. My favorite episode of MASH is where Hawkeye tells the same joke better than anyone else. 90% of a joke's funniness is trusting that the teller is already funny. Or a few seconds in when you're primed to laugh because you can tell if you're in good hands. (Also, absurd wins every time.)

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On 20 Albums That Are Celebrating Their 20th Anniversary In 2010, Thus Making Me Feel Old

That cat will leave you if it ever meets Bieber's hair.

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On I'm Going Back To Arizona (And You Should Probably Come Too)

Uhh, Cord, you know the saying "you can't go home" again? It's true, you can't. Or you shouldn't after saying all the stuff you've said about Arizona! (Maybe hire Charlie Sheen to help you come up with disguise?)

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On Narcissist Knows Research Is All About Him

Sorry if this is a repeat comment; am not a regular commenter here.

Somewhat in reply to tralafel...I've done a little (mind you, internet) research on this subject and one of the characteristics of a narcissist is that they think that everyone is jealous of them. While exhausting, they're generally harmless (too busy primping themselves) unless they have some anti-social tendencies spiked into their personality drink mix. 2c.

Also, Balk couldn't be a true narcissist. They never hide their faces in pictures. They LIVE for pictures.

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On I'm... Lost

It would save a lot of time if they just showed on and off type switches on everyone (switched to alive or dead) so you could keep track.

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On Do I consider myself a hero? Yes. Yes I do.

Thanks for sharing, Balk. I love these stories and the others linked to in the comments. Come clean though, isn't this story really just the lyrics to "Downtown Train"?

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On Social A's: How You Should And Shouldn't Do Karaoke

I have an aversion to Black Velvet in any form or setting.

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On Obama and Tiger and that's all I'm saying.

They're doing that Harpo and Lucy (Ball) mirror thing.

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