On How to Pick Up a Hipster Girl

tl;dr but I seriously doubt anyone is having a hard time picking up hipster girls. spoler alert: they are desperate and outnumber dudes like a million to one.

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On The Secret Kanye West Show at The Box Last Night

As a girl I resent the implication that the Rosewood is a 'girl's drinks", everyone knows girls drink vodka sodas, wine watered down with juice and sugar is the opposite of lo-cal and it is not going to get you drunk. No thank you.
Cho can we see photo's of your outfit?

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On Flicked Off: "Please Give," or, Pity Is Different Than Affection

I LOVE that part of L&A and oddly I find myself thinking about it every time I make the bed. I thought I would never want to be the kind of woman with 50 decorative pillows on her bed, but when her little Black daughter is arranging them so lovingly for her return from the hospital it is sorta heartbreaking.

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On Flicked Off: "Please Give," or, Pity Is Different Than Affection

I loved that the girl got the jeans too! I feel like all the reviews written by "adults" (manohla dargis) and even the nymag interview with Keener acted like Abby was a cretin for wanting those jeans, but seriously flattering jeans are a life or death matter for a chubby teen.
Peet was sorta awesome at being a beautiful yet pathetic bitch, the way she lets Oliver Platt fuck her just to show that she can, without even enjoying it.

Also Peet did not sex Jack Nicholson in "Something's Gotta Give" that was an important plot point that made it okay for him to date her mom.

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On Korean Ladies: Not as naturally skinny as they'd have you believe.


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On If You Like CK One, You'll Love U-you. No, 'U.' Like The Letter?

I wore Dream but sometimes I would mix it up with Grass. WUT. I bought it for my BF (because it was unisex) to cover the smell of that other grass, if you know what I mean, and I think you do, but it gave him an allergy attack.
Did anyone wear Exclamation!?

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On Gluttony with Mary HK Choi: Milkis & Calpico

Heading to m2m immediately for Calpico. I always expected it to be sweet. I enjoy le gas in all bevys so I'm hoping for me sake that D.Cho is right. How does it compare to Kombucha?

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On Fashion's BORING

I love this. Pretty faces are big this season. Judy's was the best.

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On 'Managed Expectations': The Bitter End, The Final Chapter

Bravo! I'll miss you Nicole.

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On Managed Expectations, Part 12 of 14: A Potentially Bad Decision

I live for Managed Expectations

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