On Nora Ephron Owns New York

Heartburn and Crazy Salad stand the test of time.

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On Most Pediatricians Do Not Recommend Cigarette Smoking For Children Under Three

I recently did a blog post on photos of young girls smoking and I discovered this creepy website called Midnight Auto Parts that sells photos of kids smoking.

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On Is Oakland the New Williamsburg? (Answer: Oh Hell No)

aww Oakland, ain't mad at cha. But I am never moving back. p.s GLENVIEW GRIFFINS WUT UP.

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On Science Gives The Withdrawl Method A Big Thumbs Up

Yay! Reminds me of No Condom? Whatever!

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On Social A's: Can I Drop Out Of This Crazy Lady's Wedding?

I felt like a loser for never getting invited to weddings. (I am not friends with many 'normals'). Now I realize why.

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On Gluttony: Drinking Nuvo And Getting Faced

I can't wait to drink this and discuss what episode of Sex and the City my life is reminding me of.

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