On 'The Artist' And What Makes A Movie 'Foreign'

You, my dear, are hilarious.

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On Romance Novels, The Last Great Bastion Of Underground Writing

My mother reads romance novels incessantly. Thank you for giving me a clearer understanding of what that is about. I think I get it now. Meanwhile, you're right on target regarding the male factor - though it's true of films and television and, well, pretty much everything actually. I even know a lot of gay men who've secretly loved reading Gordon Merrick (check out his titles: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gordon_Merrick), but you won't see his name on any OKCupid favorite reading lists.

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On What To Do After You Barf at Per Se

Just keep at it! Don't let vomit slow you down!

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On Jon Stewart, Stop Hurting America!

"I have no idea what Stewart is on about here, though I guess we can take it as read that his remarks constitute a stab in the general direction of, 'these Republicans are regular, caring people, only bloodthirsty, and riding around on lawnmowers of the highest quality.'" - Funniest thing I've read in ages. I literally hurt myself.

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On Name That Los Angeles Neighborhood!

A lot of the confusion comes from realtors and neighborhood associations (property owners) trying to change the names of lesser identified neighborhoods to something fashionable sounding in an effort to increase property values. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned that South Central Los Angeles in theory no longer exists, thanks to just such a campaign. Me, I live in Koreatown, though when I tell someone that it doesn't take into account that Koreatown is larger than a lot of cities - so I usually just say I live near Wilshire and Western.

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On Name That Los Angeles Neighborhood!

@BadUncle True - and then there's the matter of Norcal and Socal cultural proximity. If someone in San Francisco says they live right near you, they usually mean they live on your block or around the corner. In Los Angeles if someone says they live right near you, they usually mean they live within a two mile radius.

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On Name That Los Angeles Neighborhood!

@wb Exactly, and the Bangladeshian groceries and restaurants aren't in that stretch of Beverly, they're further West between Normandie and Western.

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On What Makes A Great Critic?

Strained tapioca, yes indeed! :)

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On 27 TV Shows They Killed Too Early, In Order of Heartbreak

I have to chime in with a where is Pushing Daisies as well.

That being said I'm still personally mourning the loss of 2000 Malibu Road, a little remembered Aaron Spelling show starring Lisa Hartman-Black as a high price hooker who is accused of murder when the body of one of her clients is found in the swimming pool. Business is hampered so she takes in a few strangers as roommates and they move into her Malibu mansion, namely Jennifer Beals as the alcoholic lawyer with blackout problems, orphan Drew Barrymore the wanna be nympho starlet, and Tuesday Knight as Drew's big witchcraft wielding stage mom of a sister. It still pains me that it only lasted six episodes to this very day.

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On I Beg You Hold-Outs To Join Me In Watching 'Doctor Who'

I'm so excited for Season 6 I think I just peed myself. Best show on TV. :)

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