On How Many Crickets Can't You Hear?

Kray-shawn, huh. I always thought it was some stupid, "suburban girl does it 'hood" play on the word "creation". I'm old so...whatever.

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On Human Being Upset About the Shooting of His Father

Did he ever make that point to his dad?

Posted on May 10, 2011 at 5:05 pm 2

On 240 Politicians Come Together In Support of Teens Having STDs

We are all Bristol Palin now.

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On Today In Racism: Soap and Cupcakes

Someone needs to explain the difference between authentic African-American memorabilia collecting and...You know what? Fuck it. I'm going to listen to some old Public Enemy.

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On The Chris Christie Fat Jokes Just Keep On Coming

I don't particularly care for his bully boy marketing scheme but even I've noticed that he's been slowly shedding the poundage. Dude is running for something in 2012, no doubt.

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On New Jersey Family Averse To Exercise

Governing by "Laziness Index"....he's going to be a contender in 2012.

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On Musician Reimagines 'Sesame Street' Theme For Contemporary Audiences


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On Reissue, Reboot, Reboot: The Last and Latest "Sherlock"

I enjoyed reading your article as much as I\'ve been enjoying watching the Sherlock series. Well done.

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On What Other Cable Shouters Are Going to Get "Put On Leave Indefinitely"?

I think that was the first wife.

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