On Blame It On Volcanoes

@BadUncle Ask, and you shall receive. So don't blame me for this: http://fireshaw.deviantart.com/art/Volcano-Hair-2-153329927

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On A Scenic Tour Of Toxic Sites Across America

I shop at my local landfill: http://www.fordland.com/news/announcements/45-ford-land-announces-new-green-retail-redevelopment-in-allen-park.html


Prior to a shopping center, this was the site of a VA hospital. Poor vets.

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On Pizza Toppings, In Order

@keisertroll I love pineapple, but tropical fruit has no place on a pizza.

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On "Chili’s is now offering up free Chips & Salsa when guests check in on Foursquare"

Do houses have thumbs?

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On Did You Feel The Earthquake?

I felt it in Detroit, but I just figured it was Kwame Kilpatrick hitting the floor: http://www.clickondetroit.com/news/24003605/detail.html#story

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On Novels Lousy With Barking Dogs

My best friend's dog sounds like a seal when he barks.

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On Tea Partiers Have No Use For Emergency Services

If only.

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On How To Swear In English

Sometimes, specificity is required.

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On Writers, Your Time Is Running Short

You read my mind. I'm waiting for 40. Then all my pent-up creativity and talent will explode into at least THREE books!

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On Why Won't The Angry American Voter Do What The Pundits Say?

If you're not pissed, who do you know who to vote for? Or against, for that matter?

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