On How Are You Coping With The Great Twitter Downage?

Just reading these old printed out Lord_Voldemort7 tweets I keep in my desk for emergencies just like this.

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On "The 10 people most mutants [PICS]"

Since the account was created like 12 hours ago, I'm assuming this is The Awl's foray into viral joke-Twitters?

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On How Many Crickets Can't You Hear?

Can someone tell me what this has to do with A$AP Rocky?

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On Life Is The Hardest Commute Of All

I got my eyebrows done last night, so I keep catching my reflection and thinking gosh, who is that handsome drag queen?

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On Das Racist And Other Friends I Never Made In College

I thought this was really great, thanks for writing.

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On Some Advice For Young Grads

I'm 28. Is it ok for me to still be in my idgaf about this job and get drunk and take drugs on weekdays stage? And meanwhile the other people at this job are pretty set on being here for the next 40 years?

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On The Final Word on Men and Shorts

@hungrybee the footwear is unfortunate. Can we get an Awl post about huarache shoes?

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On The Final Word on Men and Shorts

Ok this should settle it for all you shorts haters. Look at the man in the following link. Tell me he looks bad in his shorts. Just try to say it. http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/2008/07/on-streetthe-impact-of-mens-accessories.html

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On Tom Ford Dead Right About Shorts: Men Should Not Wear Them

At least the "plaid" part of his skin tight suits will help hide yer ball sweat stains come August

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On In Defense of the .50 Caliber Round

I shot a 50 cal sniper rifle last time I was home (Oklahoma). I've shot a lot of guns in my life but that thing really kind of scared me and took me down a peg. Kind of sounds like God dropping a textbook on your desk to keep you from snoozing in his class.

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