On Irony Is Wonderful, Terrific, Fantastic!

There is a sincerity which requires irony in order to be recognized, as when Sir Winston was criticized for the greatest sin of all, the employment, in the heat of the moment, of a dangling participle, to which he famously replied, "This is precisely the sort of nonsense up with which I refuse to put!"

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On Someone Finally Admits Alice Munro Might Be A Bit Much

Alice is Big Medicine, and must be taken in measured dosages. Four or five stories a year, tops.

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On Literally The Worst Word On The Planet


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On Where Does Your Alcohol Dollar Go?

"Boy, is that a load off my mind. I thought I'd lost it."

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On Where You Can't Smoke Next

Nobody likes a quitter. Except guys like Mike, whose growth was stunted from watching Newport ads during the Million Dollar Movie. Bitter, abstemious, boring. And those are his GOOD qualities.

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On Two Ways Of Looking At 'Tiny Furniture'

EG, you rock; Tiny Furniture does not. I thought @ first it was a satire about narcissism, until it began to dawn that the auteur wasn't in on the joke. Being closer to the mother's age, I wondered from whence sprung her money and sense of entitlement. Did people buy her shitty one-trick art and make her that rich? I could go on, but I has me standards.

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On 'Times' Poll: Should or Should We Not Print Lies?

"...Ms. Miller, whose preposterous lies on behalf of Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Bush helped to launch the Iraq war, resulting in thousands of deaths, was last seen laughing all the way to the Lefte Banke, and could not be reached for comment."

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On Drunk Man Disliked Women

Being around a tsking church lady-type like Pollitt would swerve my buzz toward the grumpy side too.

I once read a blog in which the writer briefly considered signing on for a Nation cruise, but scotched the idea at the thought of the line of pale flabby men queued up to get in the hot tub w/ Katarina VandenHeuvel.

Classy move, Katha, gossiping about a dead guy. If I ever found myself on a boat w/ laugh-a-minute Katha I'd take my chances going over the rail. "L'enfer, c'est les autres."

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On David Denby Does Something Relevant

Who is Denby blowing to keep his plum position? If there were a competition for Boring, he wouldn't even make the semi's, because he is so boring.

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On Maybe This Explains Your Mood

I can personally Wm. Burroughs' "Thanksgiving Prayer" to lift and/or corroborate these seasonal feelings all sentient beings share.http://youtu.be/s4nSxArk9g8

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