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On What Time Is "Primordial Gravitational Waves"?

Thank you, Werner and brilliant. So the gravity waves would have been intense enough to change the way that photons scatter off electrons? And I'll assume that latter phrase is the definition of "polarization?" Can gravity, no matter how intense, affect photons? electrons? why don't I know this?

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On What Time Is "Primordial Gravitational Waves"?

Sorry, I can't help with this one. Ok, I get that the Big Bang left behind the microwave background, and that the microwave background is basically light, and that light can be polarized, whatever "polarized" is, but what does the polarized light have to do with gravity waves? Sometime those astronomers just gallop out ahead and leave me in a cloud of dust.

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On Julia Migenes Is 65

Which reminds me -- why am I telling you this? -- of a time I was in the Signoria in Florence and a group of Spanish kids was standing in a circle like in that clip, and a girl was in the center dancing flamenco to their clapping. She was flipping her flannel shirt just the way Carmen is doing, and honest to God, she made one of the Italian cops get into the circle and dance with her. I thought life might be worth living after all.

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On Kiri Te Kanawa Is 70

Do you notice she doesn't need to breathe? The rest of us need to.

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On Meet The Awl

I don't know, it's just not going to be the same. But Nature's Law is Adapt or Die. So I guess, you know.

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On Paco de Lucia, 1947-2014

I don't even like flamenco and I love him. I THINK he was in Saura's flamenco Carmen, a movie I've watched obsessively for centuries now.

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On Get Your Bookshelf (And Your MIND) Right With Muriel Spark

I'm delighted this is happening. She's SO good -- not every minute, but when she's on, she's really on.

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On The Veterans That Nearly Weren't

Oh well done! My husband's secretary (I know) was a WASP. When she first started working with him, he told her all about how he was a pilot and flew little airplanes around. She said that she too flew airplanes, but not now, just during the war. Oh, he said, your husband flew you in, like, a Piper Cub? No, she said, I was in the WASPs, I flew four-engine bombers.

My husband LOVES this story, so do I.

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On Nerd's Mom Still Telling Embarrassing Stories About Her

OH YAY! for our Lizzie doing something charming and excellent.

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On Mrs. Dalloway Said She'd Make The Sandwiches Herself: A Guided Meditation

If I may offer a suggestion which maybe you already know anyway: haloumi and slices of cooked beets are so sweet and warm. But I can't get that in Baltimore any more.

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