On Maybe This Will Be The Virus That Finally Takes Us All Down

I had a coronavirus (maybe not the Arabian one) back in January. It's a real motherfucker.

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On Let The Planet Die

Yes! b.1949 FTW. OTOH my sophomore paper "NPG" wasn't so well understood back in 1970. But by 2070, everyone should know what the N in NPG stands for.

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On Woman Will Put Things In Mouth For Bragging Rights

I think we are ready -- as a society -- as a people -- as a species for Soylent. The new Soylent glop not the old Green. Even though tomorrow is Thursday.

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On Princeton, the Worst School on Earth (Part 38 in a Series)

Oh just fuck me'72

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On Try Not To Get Too Worked Up

@Hiroine Protagonist Balk you should compile these little depressives in an Ebook which I can buy and download to my wife's Nook which I will never read and which will soon die (as will all Nooks (before their time)).

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On Kevin Ayers, 1944-2013

Died! Shit I thought he disappeared.

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On Just Stick Another Star In There Somewhere

I like 6 x 10 and 1. It'd give us room for most of Canada.

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On And The Winner Of The Awl 2012 Electoral College Pool Is...

Drats. Damn their eyes.

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On Bob Weir Is 65

No sadly we're not all going to be here forever. eg Sylvia Kristel

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On But Who Calls That Living?

OTOH getting laid once a week vs once a month is worth $50K.

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