On Man Struck By Bike

@TheRtHonPM the biker dude was trying to avoid other pedestrians when he smacked into the out-of-town lady who was (perhaps absent-mindedly) crossing between crosswalks. The big difference between hitting someone with a bike vs. a car is that the bike "driver" is likely to get hurt perhaps even more than the pedestrian.

The roads in the US are optimized for the automobile. Except here in New York where the streets de facto belong to pedestrians. But walkers should know that Bikes can hurt you too.

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On Maybe This Will Be The Virus That Finally Takes Us All Down

I had a coronavirus (maybe not the Arabian one) back in January. It's a real motherfucker.

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On Let The Planet Die

Yes! b.1949 FTW. OTOH my sophomore paper "NPG" wasn't so well understood back in 1970. But by 2070, everyone should know what the N in NPG stands for.

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On Woman Will Put Things In Mouth For Bragging Rights

I think we are ready -- as a society -- as a people -- as a species for Soylent. The new Soylent glop not the old Green. Even though tomorrow is Thursday.

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On Princeton, the Worst School on Earth (Part 38 in a Series)

Oh just fuck me'72

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On Try Not To Get Too Worked Up

@Hiroine Protagonist Balk you should compile these little depressives in an Ebook which I can buy and download to my wife's Nook which I will never read and which will soon die (as will all Nooks (before their time)).

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On Kevin Ayers, 1944-2013

Died! Shit I thought he disappeared.

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On Just Stick Another Star In There Somewhere

I like 6 x 10 and 1. It'd give us room for most of Canada.

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On And The Winner Of The Awl 2012 Electoral College Pool Is...

Drats. Damn their eyes.

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On Bob Weir Is 65

No sadly we're not all going to be here forever. eg Sylvia Kristel

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