On Perfume Genius, "Queen"

Perfume-yes genius-maybe queen - definitely

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On "Freaky" Employed

"Thumbprint on the anus of history" heh heh. (Beavis laugh)

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On Moby Lonely, Warm

That thumbs up pose gives off such a rapey vibe now bc of Terry Richardson. People should lay off that for. A while.

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On The Olds Don't Know Where Facebook Is

I thought none of the youngs even thought about Facebook anymore. I thought they only Instagrammed. Or were on The Instagram or whatever...

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On Something Ordinary In The Air

There's nothing degrading about British Airways business class when you are on a 10-12 hour flight with kids. It's awesome. They have room to play and sleep and the attendants are generally very helpful and nice and the food is often good. But US carriers do suck. They think all the unpleasantness can be bought off with a terrible warmed up cookie. First class is for chumps though. The wine is better but you have to deal with asshole captain of the universe passengers who have no regard for fellow travelers.

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On Which Book Published Today Should You Buy?

Yay Choire! I am so excited to read it.

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On Kim Kardashian Meditates On Death

We both love soup!

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On Teachers and Rumors--And What We Find Out Later

Yeah, I think this is less about closeted gay men than it is about people not dealing with certain intelligent teachers also being pedophiles. Its hard sometimes to fire a brilliant teacher who is on the whole good for the student body teaching wise, but bad for certain vulnerable teenagers who get sucked in, so to speak. We had at least one in my school who was able to go on far too long. Also I think in the 70s/early 80s there was still an air of sexual permissiveness or inattention on the part of parents that might have let some people to cast a blind eye to certain student/teacher interactions and think of them as ok/innocent. Though just speculation on my part as I came of age in the latter part of the 80s when there had already been a few spectaular cases of molestation and recovered memories of sexual abuse so we children were told to be on our guard about 'bad touching'.

oh and my college counsellor/senior hisroty teacher/general scary lady was one of the non-responding people he tried to get in touch with at Horace Mann and who would not go on record. Made me laugh because as if she would have ever given anything away. She was a stiletto-wearing dragon lady with a reagan-era blonde bouffant and not to be trifled with.

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On The Wood-Fired Oven Of The Vanities

A few observations: Kobe beef was really a 90's thing and Spain's ascendancy/molecular gastronomy was a 00's thing.

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On Birds, From Worst To Best

Are you kidding? David Attenborough's Lyrebird is clearly the best ever. Check it out on youtube.

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