On I Was A Child Model! A Tragedy In Nine Pictures

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On Some Awesome Things To Say To A Cancer Patient

After my mother died of cancer (I was 14), I remember a middle aged neighbor telling me, "I can imagine how you must feel." Really? When someone has had a loss like that, outside of "I am so sorry," there is little you can say. Mostly hugs and outings help, otherwise, keep mum.

I know my mother probably just wanted someone to chat about normal things with, and all the neighborhood Moms were frightened and little-seen until after she died. This might be slightly OT, but when my Mom was going through chemo she had a terrible 20-something doctor with no bedside manner. She had had a tumor taken off her right upper thigh/leg, and every time he would see her he would give her this condescending "How's my girl?" pat right where her wound was. She made a little sign that she taped to the spot one day, and it angered him, but he finally got the message. And my Mom had been in medicine!

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On I Beg You Hold-Outs To Join Me In Watching 'Doctor Who'

It can be really hard to get people into this show. The first couple episodes have some of the worst effects (the plastic people, the tree people in the second episode, the stretched out last pure human) on modern TV. I have to constantly remind my friend that the British govt is paying for most of it. It is best to have someone watch 'Blink,' if they are on the fence, and it's kind of a one-off episode.

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On I Beg You Hold-Outs To Join Me In Watching 'Doctor Who'

@dntsqzthchrmn That's awful! I had no idea. She looked great when she was on the show.

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On The Hot Masseur: Delicious Ethics Question of the Day

Love this response: "If there's any chance AT ALL that you will fall in love with him during/after your massage session (touch is powerful!), don't do it. It would just make things incredibly complicated."

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On Phil Collins, Diana Ross In Agreement

Prior to my current relationships, I would have entirely agreed with the article. I joined OkCupid on a Monday, had a date with a nice grad student (I work in a university) the following Friday. I have been with him now for over 2 years. And my best friend is married to a guy she met on craigslist(!). The odds are not as bad as the lottery, you just have to be honest. I put full recent shots of myself on the profile, and my description I didn't bother to pretend to enjoy my job or care about what I would take with me on a desert island.

I think the major problem is that currently online is one of the few ways to meet a nice person. I went to a liberal arts school with 3 girls for every 1 guy and I currently work with married 30-40-somethings with children, so no meeting people at either points in my adult life. Up until OkCupid I was meeting extremely weird guys in bars--Scottish guy who designs underwear made out of tree bark, white guy who goes by 'Azi' and wears a full shag coat. For every few scary stories (my boyfriend once had a first date with a girl who admitted mid-way in she had just got out of rehab for cocaine and my old roommate met a guy dressed as Sailer Moon) there are success stories.

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On 'The Phantom Tollbooth,' or, The Democratizing Principle of Literature

About ten years ago my Dad attended a bereavement book club (our Mom had passed). They read extremely overly sentimental Oprah-approved nonsense about death. It seemed so silly and myopic to transcribe reading in that way. I told him to recommend "Being Dead," as a sort of dare (it involves a dead couple that rot slowly during the course of the short novel). They read it, but only the person that lead the book liked it.

The books that I enjoyed most growing up were the L.M. Montgomery Anne & Emily novels and L.J.Smith's ridiculous sf romances (minus Mormon subtext at least). I was a half Jew, half Italian suburbanite athiest who had nothing in common with turn of the century Prince Edward Island or a coven of witches in fictional Massachusetts island. That was part of why I enjoyed those world's so much, I think.

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On A Drinking Room For Alcoholics

I assume this won't apply in the East Bay? They can take my dirt cheap BevMo booze when they pry it from my cold, dead hands!

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On The 'Twilight' Movies End in Horror

Ooh I haven't seen that! Netflix here I come....

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On The 'Twilight' Movies End in Horror

sequel, not 'sequels.' I have decided that the third movie doesn't exist.

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