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On Dee Snider To Take On New Role: Twisted Father

As a teenager, I wasted many, many morning hours listening to Dee Snider's shock jock show on Connecticut's local "modern rock" station. It seems foolish now, but it was still better than when he got replaced by Bubba the Love Sponge *shudder*.

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On Just Random Folks, Protecting 'Fortress America'

Wait a tick, there IS an artsy startup with the name Triple Canopy!


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On Old Christian Videos: Amy Grant's "Lead Me On"

"Jesus Freak" might be the "edgiest" Christian song I remember from back in the day. Grunge! In the late '90s!

It's too bad Lindsay probably wasn't around for Five Iron Frenzy.

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On Odd Man Rush: The Kid And The Caveman

Well, the Awl now has everything and that means I have to register a comment account.

And yes, go Whalers.

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