On Knifecrime Island Lushes, All-Time Classics Edition

Old. Try harder.

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On British People Using Social Networking To Spread Their Sex Diseases

Professor Peter Kelly, Executive Director of Public Health for NHS Tees:

"There has been a four-fold increase in the number of syphilis cases detected with more young women being affected."

Apparently, in 2008 in the NHS Tees area (Middlesbrough, Stockton-on-Tees, Redcar and Cleveland) there were fewer than 10 cases of syphilis - so few that, under data-protection rules, the NHS can't give out the exact number.

But in 2009, 30 cases of heterosexual syphilis were notified to the NHS. So, yes: a four-fold increase, but a very small sample from which to drawn any very big conclusions.

So what is the connection with social networks?

Mr Kunonga says that in all these cases there is a thorough examination of the patient's sexual history and connections - and a significant number of people mentioned having casual sex with people encountered through social networks.

The Sun links this to a survey last month suggesting that the region is Britain's Facebook capital - "figures released last month showed that people in Sunderland, Durham and Teesside were 25% more likely to log on regularly."

But Mr Kunonga points out that Sunderland and Durham are not in the NHS Tees area - so the syphilis statistics do not apply to those apparently Facebook-mad cities.

Yay! Cut & paste response!

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On BBC's Quote Tic 'Out of Control' 'Today'

'BBC weird' 'says' 'internet' guy'!'

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On Smoking Is Awesome

Genius. Or maybe not? As kneetoe points out, the chances of developing Parkinson's Disease is relatively low anyway, but the odds may also be slightly skewed by the fact the fucking smokers died in their fucking thousands in their forties, in their tens of fucking thousands in their fifties, and in hundreds of fucking thousands in their sixties. Just saying is all. Hey, nice story though...

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On The Way We Shiv Now: Bankrupt Megamillionaire Pops Off for Vacation

Point of order Mr Chairman! Anthea Turner is not an 'English TV queen'. She's a whore.

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On Is Pakistan, Of All Countries, Winning the War on Terror?

This scares me.

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On You Will Not Ever See The Light

Seen it today in the north of England! It still exists (or I have stunningly florid hallucinations, which is probably a bit more likely!)

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On Elderly British Lord Kicks Chinese Dragon Child's Ass

Cannnot even start to say how much I hate that fucking bunch of twats from Thatch's gang of thugs. God, I hope it's alzheimer's kicking in. Long slow death, with any luck <3

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On The 32 Possible Side Effects of Using CHANTIX, a Non-Nicotine Prescription Medicine Specifically Developed to Help Adults 18 and Over Quit Smoking, In Order

Yeah, the farting was brilliantly funny, the consipation less so. Got over them after about a week and a half. Best side effect I found was incredibly florid and highly erotic dreams. Happily, these persist. Oh, yes, haven't smoked for about six weeks now.

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