On New York City, July 17, 2012

I liked the weather better before it sold out with "global warming."

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On The 40-Year-Old Reversion

@MichelleDean It really is nice to see everyone again.

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On I Have Thoughts About Commenting Systems!

No Facebook. I am waiting for one of the current Facebook commenters to post that same thought.

I'd also be sad to see the numbers go. I'm not terribly clever. It's all I have.

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On Piling on the Hate for LaGuardia

The worst airport I've ever encoutered is Chicago Midway and this includes flying around Eastern Europe in the early 90's and Mexico.

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On Celebrate Leap Day With Kevin Kline's Magnificent Chest Hair

What about The Pirate Movie?!?

Seriously though, if you're in or around NYC and you've never been to the New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players productions you're missing out.

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On 10 Things I Believed When I Was A Little Kid In Order Of How Embarrassing They Still Are When I Remember Them Today

I used to think that islands floated on the water and that you could swim beneath them, which was how plumbers fixed pipes. They were held in place by giant chain anchors, like the chains that held the Kraken door closed in Clash of the Titans.

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On A Drynuary Diary: Week One

I'm too old to stop drinking.

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On The Banks and New York City and the Media

@BadUncle Deutsche Bank is there as well, but yeah Wall Street is more of a virtual thing these days.

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On Some Recent Defining Presidential Campaign Moments, In Order

Is it sad that I remember the SNL take on all these moments more clearly than the actual moments?

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On Why the Tea Party Hates Occupy Wall Street

@LondonLee I agree with you. I despise the fact that the boomers continued to peddle this hippie image of peace, love, and change when they are the same people who created the current culture of corporate greed and excess. I've always read Thompson as calling them on their bullshit. Whatever that (imagined?)feeling of the 60's was it was dead and gone by the early 70's only to be rekindled as nostalgia in the 80's.

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