On 'Cosmopolitan' Seeks To Understand Men (And Sell Magazines)

Wouldn't a truly vacuous twat, by definition, implode?

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On Seven Years as a Freelance Writer, or, How To Make Vitamin Soup

Nice. But I'm not sure I get the "I'm half-broke" part. Since the author seems to have all the right "ins" in place, the obvious solution would be to write for the NYT a little less and for places like Travel & Leisure a bit more. If half of one's assignments (let's say a story a month) come from the glossies, the workload described here sounds like $80K-$120K a year to me, depending on the word rate.

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On "Law & Order" D.O.A.?

I know, I know. I can feel his posthumously donated eyes (look it up!) glaring at me right now.

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On "Law & Order" D.O.A.?

Oh no! The current cast is the best they had in ages, especially on the cop side; so good that (I'm about to blaspheme now) Jerry Orbach is beginning to look a bit hokey in the reruns.

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On Eminem, "Not Afraid"

Good lord, this is unlistenable. I'm still mystified how this man's tossed-off freestyles can be so good and his well-considered, polished, years-in-the-making Actual Product so horrid.

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On Blackberry: Now Making Interpersonal Communication Even More Difficult

Wow, that article really made me want to see The Joneses, starring David Duchovny, opening Friday.

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On People You Know: Michael Musto, 25 Years In

I worked at the Voice in 1998-1999 and also have warm fuzzy memories of the man, with his bike and his then-ubiquitous Teletubby tote bag. I suspect, though, that we love Musto so much for one simple reason: that he's never made it all that big, strictly speaking. And it's not like he hasn't tried: he almost made it to Queer Eye as the "culture guy" and got callbacks for Tucci's role in The Devil Wears Prada. So we love him like a college band that's still playing clubs after 25 years - not Anvil but, say, Luna - and I wonder if we would if he actually broke out of the local circuit.

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On Graphic Imagery: Vodka and Fate From Russia to Brooklyn

It could well be a masterpiece, but there are no parking meters in Moscow.

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On The 22 Greatest Songs Written For Commercials

That one chord change on "$5 Footlong" is like the best part of every Donovan song compressed into half a second.

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On A Transplant to New York City Pre-Reflects

"Just a mere city?" Dude's an editor?

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