On Eating Out At Four Of TV's Best-Known Restaurants

I'm very sorry, but if you think "Tom's Diner" is an awful song, I don't trust your gastronomic judgment either.

Also, three guesses as to WHY Holsten's jukebox is broken.

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On Best Movie Closing Songs, In Order

I logged in specifically to write about To Die For! Well done, Sir.

I'll also admit that the first time I heard Moby's "Extreme Ways" kick in at the end of The Bourne Identity I got shivers. This is definitely a case of the movie elevating the song, but still.

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On The Weekend Everyone Turned Against 'The Killing'

Thing is, the idea itself was a good one. (Remember that L&O episode where there's an execution and everyone just takes a day off?) But it should have been the season's episode 5 or 6. At this point, nobody cares about the characters' back stories - we've accepted them as dour ciphers. All we care about is that there's only two episodes left to connect that annoying politico to the A-plot.

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On Here's Why You Need A Cast Iron Skillet

I admit - at first, I thought "TWSS" was your strange way of onomatopoetically rendering "sizzle."

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On Cat Not Amused By Adorable Antics Of Baby Bear

I love how openly Team Cat the cameraman and his friend are.

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On R.E.M., "Discoverer"

I pretty much grew up on R.E.M., but now I think New Adventures in Hi-Fi - which came out when I was already in college - might be one of their two or three best. (And of the IRS era, I actually love Lifes Rich Pageant the most). And post-Bill Berry, well... Up and Reveal have a couple of great songs each. The only truly and totally irredeemable thing they did is Around the Sun - and they seem to have recoiled from it in horror themselves. So there's definitely hope for the new one.

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On I Would Buy the Living Hell Out of this $62,000 Hermes Motorcycle

Fuck Yeah Transportation

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On How To Read Headlines

And on cable news, the answer is "God, we hope"

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On Let's talk about the finale of Mad Men!

And now, the real cliffhanger: why is Harry Crane such an inscrutable weirdo all of a sudden?

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On Footnotes of Mad Men: Charismatic Domination, or, When Daddy Is A Disaster

Considering that John Slattery is directing the next episode, having that episode center on Roger's suicide sounds exactly like something Matthew Weiner would find amusing.

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