On Oh Man, 'True Detective,' Right?

Yeah, but I'm so there for 90s crime thrillers, 1995 Rusty's sinewy body and angel hair, and 2012 Marty alone in the dark with his TV dinner and online dating profiles.

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On These Guys Finally Figured Out How To Wear Sweatpants And Attract Women At The Same Time

& this is only the sneak peek! I can hardly wait for the feature length video.

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On J-Setting Marmaduke Welfare Office Cat Fight Video Dance-Off

Don't trash Mystery Men. That there is some cinematic triumph.

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On Stop Working Out, It's Embarrassing

heh, my dad has a personal trainer and does P90X, but he hasn't taken up any weird diets, so it's kind of adorable.

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On Museum Of Living Short People: Is It Good For Short People?

How do they fit a biiiiig camera fit in the performers' tiny little apartments? Did they send cats with special camera helmets in to get footage?

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On The Black Athletes Who Don't Play Basketball

I hope whatever they play, they play in those outfits.

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On The Bookmobile: An Excerpt From "A Sensitive Liberal's Guide to Life"

It's funny because it's true which ultimately makes it sad. You know, the way Jersey Shore and Teen Mom are funny.

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On The Squid And The Wail

squid have beaks! flayed penis! FLAYED PENIS.

this is burned in my mind now

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On Flicked Off: 'Alice in Wonderland' and Some Patriarchal Norms and Stuff

and it is wrong! Avril Lavigne is not even a skin-deep riot grrl! riot grrls do not sing about banging skater bois, they sing about beating the shit out of your rapist

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