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On Why You Should Never Call Before a First Date

Wait--late millennials don't eat carbs? And I thought I was just getting a handle on the desires of this subset of consumers.

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On Some Things I Will Miss About Brooklyn

So, where are you moving, Chris? (Asks the person who's also leaving Brooklyn like everyone else.)

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On Why Did Women Throw Their Panties at This Man?

This explains a lot. In maybe 1984 I was dragged to see Conway Twitty at the Oregon State Fair by my parents and I had never seen so many grown women completely losing their minds (in the way I thought was exclusive to pre-teens and Duran Duran, i.e. me). For years, my sister and I would crack each other up by saying "Twitty Bird," the nickname being shouted by these women.

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On Week Disliked

@ejcsanfran Says the free-floating tooth...

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On Week Disliked

I mocked Drynuary, mixed wine, beer and liquor in the same evening, then fell off a curb and knocked my two front teeth out. I blame this endless week.

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On Girl Powder: A Cultural History Of Love's Baby Soft

Now eagerly awaiting the cultural history of Designer Imposters. My teenage was scented with fake Poison!

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On Girl Powder: A Cultural History Of Love's Baby Soft

As someone who was a teen in the '80s, those fedoras, neon leather skirts and suspenders on girls didn't read as tomboy at the time (at least not to me who coveted that look). That was popular/cool-girl gear, and therefore nothing but feminine.

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On Why We Need "Enlightened"

@Trilby I recently discovered that The AV Club has Enlightened recaps with a active group of commenters (not that I ever comment there...or here).

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On Why We Need "Enlightened"

@matt lewis@twitter Yes, on The Comeback. While I was also a Carnivale fan, I can't forgive the author of yesterday's bit for lumping it in with K Street and Mind of the Married Man. Not the same!

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On Why We Need "Enlightened"

I took it as a bad sign that Vulture wasn't recapping the second season. Enlightened is unusual and so compelling because it's rare on TV to see a non-young woman who doesn't have her shit together that's not in the Showtime (Nurse Jackie, Weeds, United States of Tara, maybe not The Big C) vein or who falls into the "married to her job" camp. And for some reason, people don't like seeing that on TV (which makes me more sad).

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