On The Trials of 'Entertainment Weekly': One Magazine's 24 Years of Corporate Torture

Awwww, poor A Life Less Ordinary.

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On Death to Negronis

I was going to say I'm really disappointed that The Awl is suddenly anti-Negroni but then I remembered that Negroni Season was also pretty anti-Negroni. Also, you know, five years ago. Nice to see the implementation of the HEY MATT THIS IS JOHN TAGGING IS EVERYTHING OK tag, though!

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On Your Phone Is Ruining You For Us

Phones are probably the #1 reason why I don't think I could ever live in New York. People whose wives aren't in labor and who aren't emergency room doctors themselves sitting at lunch, facing you with their phones face up on the table, twitching with anticipation every time it dings or boops or whatever it does. People who text you ten minutes before you meet them to say that they're going to be two minutes late. People who don't show up at all because you didn't text them ahead of time to say that you were going to be there even though the plans were finalized weeks ago, buddy. People that can't stare into the middle distance or properly critique shoes on the subway. It's all so disheartening.

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On Michael Crichton's 'Sphere': The Power of Positive Thinking

I almost didn't graduate from eighth grade because I had taken Sphere out of the library to do a book report for science class—which seemed crazy at the time but which was actually not a bad idea. Good job, Mr. Dewell!—and the library said I never returned it even though I TOTALLY HAD and my school had a policy that you couldn't advance to high school unless all your library fines were paid.

I remember nothing about the novel besides liking it.

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On Please Stop Talking About Jon Hamm's Enormous Penis

"I'm not a fucking lead miner."

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On The 19 Best Failed TV Shows Of The 90s (As Judged By Their Openings)

Woops! That's the name of that show. I've been trying to remember for two decades, basically. And yeah, try explaining "They survived the nuclear apocalypse because they all happened to be in Volvos at the time."

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On Take A Minute To Watch The New Way We Make Web Headlines Now

So wait, do you not like The Last Seduction? Is that the point of this article?

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On How "Baby It's Cold Outside" Became America's Secular Christmas Anthem, Despite People Claiming It's About Date Rape

HAHAHAHA I just said did it with.

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On How "Baby It's Cold Outside" Became America's Secular Christmas Anthem, Despite People Claiming It's About Date Rape

Tom Jones did it with Cerys from Catatonia circa Y2K. I think it was the version I knew first and still like the best because it's got Cerys from Catatonia on it.

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On Why Does the 'New Yorker' Hate David O. Russell?

Just for clarification, is Flirting With Disaster the dry one or the juicy one? (I ask because I think it's the best one, though I haven't seen the new one yet.)

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