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On They Play To Win The Game

This is amazing! But I too - without shame - must note that the human referee has been around for a minute. Arguably necessary from a logistical standpoint, but I can't help but feel that it detracts from the purity of the game.

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On Let's Talk 'I'm With The Band': Crocheted Bikinis, Jergens And Waking Up On Jim Morrison's Rug

@empty OMG!!!! Could you be the one (best commenter on this post)?

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On This NYC Cop Rape Case Is the Worst

We've got our own cop-raping-drunk-woman scandal here in the Windy City right now. Completely shitty, but I'm encouraged by the interim police chief's statement that the victim's intoxication is irrelevant.


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On The Barack Obama NCAA Bracket: What Does It Say About The President?

Looks like the Prez and I have nearly identical brackets, except that I can't remember just now what I did for UConn v. SD State. Auspicious?

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On The Dan Hampton Lower-Body Tarp

As a conflicted Bears fan, I am going to refer to Cutler as "Natty Light" from here on out. Better than olive loaf!

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On Chimpanzee Rampage

I can't wait to hear Karl Pilkington's take on this.

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On Man Kicks Tomato In Head

Tragic. Someone get Bono on this. The violence in Northern Ireland has GOT to stop.

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On Jacques Derrida Explains Brett Favre

One free-associative zinger after another. Top notch!!!!

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On Bravo's In-Development Shows: Is This Still the Golden Age of Reality?

For reals! The rest looks crap, but my eyes lit up when I saw Chris March mentioned. Inventive designer and really funny guy. And I just wanna know how he started designing all of Meryl Streep's gowns all of a sudden. (Do we dare hope for a cameo appearance?)

That said,, I'll cop to watching (and enjoying) the Austin/Santino thing after Project Runway this season, so my tolerance for reality shows about outlandish fashion designers may be above the norm.

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On iTunes' "69-Cent One-Hit Wonders" Ranked By Relative Tolerability

(in reference to "Welcome Back Victoria")

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